International Forum of Innovative Projects MAGELLAN



We invite you to participate in the International Forum of Innovative Projects “Magellan”!

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Date: March 14, 2019

Place, Location: St. Petersburg, st. Lodeynopolskaya 5, Neva Hall



Forum to participants


The modern approach to creation and launch of innovative projects, based on the combination of math science and digital technologies, that develop the Intellectual Human Environment (IHE).

All projects are focused on improving the quality of life and can be applied to various areas of human activity.

The scientific basis of the projects provides rapid capitalization, reduce the copyright dangers and increase probability of achievement the planned business indicators.


Introduction of the integrated concept of high-tech innovative businesses creation

Presentations of business ecosystems and projects at different stages of implementation

Round table discussions


Forum to participants

Professionals and experts – growing competencies, new solutions and participation in innovative projects and ecosystems

Integrators – new markets and opportunities

Franchisors – effective businesses with a high level of technological and commercial support

Investors – promising investment projects


Automated intelligent trading systems

Digital solutions for transport

Human ecology

User-friendly Environment

High-tech investment projects - creating and promoting

Automated intelligent trading systems

Smart Vending Solution – an innovative technological solution for vending.

City Capsule – an intelligent trading SaaS platform with automated modules (vending machines, postmates etc.) combined with digital logistics.

Buhanka – an intelligent system of goods & services delivery for small business.

Digital solutions for transport

Public transportation payment solution – a SaaS platform for payment, with built-in personal benefits & discount system.

Road infrastructure access and payment solution – a SaaS platform for swift and convenient payment for road infrastructure (parking, toll roads etc.)

Safe Joy Ride – a SaaS platform for comfortable and safe operation of mobile electric vehicles in urban environments.

Фрахт – a digital franchise SaaS based project for flexible bus routes management based on passenger’s needs.

Экология человека

Chatterbox – a platform for health monitoring that combines analysis of body condition, weight control and nutritional recommendations.

Delilah – is a multi-user SaaS platform for domestic cats’ health monitoring combined with online vet consultations and cat food delivery.

Invita Motus – a platform for monitoring and trainong the motor functions of the body, early-stage disorder identification (dementia, Alzheimer’s desease, vibration disease, etc.)

User-friendly Environment

Virtual hospitality – a digital international franchise SaaS-based platform for individual tourism.

High-tech investment projects - creating and promoting

Expertus – an online platform for the examination and management of intellectual property.

NEKS – interdisciplinary expert community.

Blue Whale – a system for implementation and support of innovative investment projects.

Organization Committee

Объединение по Развитию Торговли с помощью Автоматизированных Систем